Lawns in Shirdi

Lawns in Shirdi

Siddh Sankalp Lawns in Shirdi , is famous for its pleasant weather throughout the year. It offers the perfect canvas to paint all things dreamy and has emerged as a hub for various wedding functions, big or small.If you are planning a wedding here, then the city is well-equipped to fascinate you with treasured memories.

How to choose fuctional hall for our memorabale day?

Your special day is round the corner and you have little butterflies in your tummy as you’re excited as well as anxious to make your function a perfect one! Everyone dreams about their special day and we all want it to be just perfect! But we got to take care of a lot things in order to make the fuction happen just like we have imagined it to be in our little fantasy world! Right? So the list of to-dos for a fuction is quite large in India. One of the most important things for any function is the function hall. If your venue is just primarily boring, no matter how good the decoration or your theme is, it’s all going to look dull and boring! So the choice of your wedding banquet hall is the game changer for you. If you’re hunting for some best banquet halls in Thane, use this simple guide to choose the best one for you. There are lots of banquet halls in Thane, but which’s the best one? Read on to know how to guess best! Lawns in Shirdi , among all Siddh Sankalp lawn is perfect for your function.

The basic layout of the functional hall

Make sure that the fuctional hall you choose has sufficient layouts in it like the ceremony section, reception section, dining area section and so on. Do not settle down for a hall that offers very limited layouts and has very less varieties. Open air verandas are getting to trendy these days and the best banquet halls in Thane have it! So watch out for them. for that Siddh sankalp lawns has huge area. so that you can do your fuction well.

Parking facilities

One of the biggest problems faced by people who attend weddings these days is the bad parking facilities. No, really, where should your guests park their cars if you have very enclosed area for parking? Tiny parking spaces often shoo away many of your guests. Who’d be interested to walk too much by parking their vehicle a km away? Especially while they are decked up with jewellery and heavy clothes? Thus, you got to ensure that your wedding banquet hall has sufficient space for parking. Lawns in Shirdi has huge parking area so that near about 600 vehicals are parked.

Why we choose Siddh Sankalp Lawns For marriage/ function?

Siddh Sankalp Lawns is venue for weddings, receptions, birthday parties and other special occasions.We have well furnished rooms with attached bathrooms.Extra beds are made available on demand.

We customize everything according to your needs.

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